Friday, December 2, 2011

Houston? We have a problem.

I was reading the buddies Christmas lists and came across something puzzling.

Me- Old Candy Land?
G- Yes.
Me- What is "old" Candy Land?
G- It is not the one that is at the store.  It is the "old" box and board.
Me- Where did you see this "old" box and board?
G- At Bald Head in the house we stayed in.
Me- That was a very old game.
G- Yep, I know.  I like it better than the new one.
Me- Where are we going to find this?
G- Santa will make one.

(Is this a he on to us?)


Cliff said...

On your internet service. I've been through the bill with Wild Blue. They left me without internet for over 2 months because they didn't have someone to service the area. I was ready to blow a gasket. Never again with WB. We finally have excellent service off of the water tower in town some 9 miles away. It is perfect. The waiting 24 hours because of the wrong password has been know to put me over the edge.
If you have good cell coverage there's no reason to use anything else. We don't have good reception but I ran my home computer off of my cell for about 5 months and it worked pretty good even with poor coverage.

marellecone said...

omigosh!! hilarious! lol :)