Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes

 We had a different shot selected for our card this year from the beach trip.  Wyatt saw his long hair and declared it unusable.  Since we had the day off from school, I told everyone to get dressed like it was a school day and we headed off to the other house for an impromptu photo shoot.  Here we have Wyatt's eyes closed, G is pouting, and Levi won't get serious.
 Next Levi started singing LMFAO I'm Sexy and I know it, and this happened.
 Of course everyone joined in on the fun.  It was contagious.
 A different pose.  Levi is now a giant and staring off to the side for some reason. Bad shadowing on G.  
 I don't even know what happened here.  I was losing them.
Almost a home run.  Levi's eyes are closed.  I finally got the shot on my iPhone of all things and everyone seems to love it.  The whole thing took about ten minutes tops and we were back at the house configuring the card so I could place the order the day after Thanksgiving.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!


Nancy M. said...

Those are some cool shots! Love the one of the boys dancing!

Shannon said...

Yeah, that is going to be an 11x14 on my wall very soon. It is awesome!

Cliff said...

And a big Merry Christmas to a great farm family. Best wishes for 2012. I hope it's a bin buster for you guys.

marellecone said...

Love it!! I did no Christmas cards but I have some other stuff done. So, I'm giving myself a break. :) But, I really love these pics. ::))

Anonymous said...

These are good shots! It is good to be reading your comments again. I can 'hear' your words in my mind as I read them. Love you, Daddy

Judy Eddy said...

If you haven't already mailed us a card, please do, so I can have a copy of this. If you can frame one of them I can get it this summer. Great pictures! Mom