Thursday, December 1, 2011


Where have we been?  Well on Thanksgiving day our internet went on the fritz.  Nothing new if you are a Windstream customer.  More often than not, we are experiencing technical difficulties.  Friday again, no internet.  Saturday I finally got through to a human.  The man said they would send a box by Fed EX on Tuesday.  Yeah, I missed cyber Monday.  Compliments of Windstream.  Box came Tuesday evening.  It worked for five minutes.  Another call to Windstream where a "lady" told the hubs he would have to wait 24 hours because he had tried to figure out a secret password three times.  Not cool.  Finally someone straightened it out...third call.  Internet worked for that evening, slowly.  Next day, no internet.  I call Windstream.  I have internet.  I get off of the phone and realize I have no emails.  No emails since November 23.  I also cannot send emails.  I call again.  Heaven forbid I get the same person.   No, a new lady.  I wasn't feeling her attitude.  She claimed it was MY desktop, laptop and iPhone.  Oh yeah.  Anywho, somehow she got the email fixed and my computer loaded 238 emails right then.  But, I STILL cannot send email on my phone.  It tells me that Windstream is denying access.
Oh, they took ten dollars off of my bill for this.  Hope they didn't strain themselves.  Moral?  Do NOT get anything with Windstream.  Run screaming the other way if you can.


Anonymous said...

My boss had the same problem at his house. Turns out it wasn't the internet after all, it was his home phone line. The phone line had to be replaced and it has worked right since then. If your phone line has static, then you should probably look into it. Even though you have DSL, it is tied to the home phone line somehow.


Shannon said...

Crystal, they have replaced our phone line many times, lol. Nothing seems to help. Oh, and if it rains water gets in the transformer at the corner. Starting it all over again.

Granny Annie said...

Our internet providers for rural customers are very limited. It's either dial-up or satellite. Last winter our Wildblue Dish satellite provider would not help us with a two week outage and we had to get help from Dish in Tulsa. They came 80 miles on icy highways and streets to press a reset button.

About your comment to Cliff on our hay. Yes that is for a square bale. We finally found some yesterday for $10. The drought in this area really hit hard and hay is difficult to find. We could travel some distance bu the cost of gasoline would eat up any savings.