Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Track pics

Trying to get a good shot at a track meet is rather hard. Take one. Let's see......where is Levi? Yep, he isn't in the shot.
Take two. Try to get one of him actually over the hurdles. I got his feet.
Take three. Unless this is an advertisement for the Hickory Ridge track.....this is too far away.
Take four. He is the only blue runner in the leading pack of the 1600. Kind of far away, but I'll take what I can get.

And...yes honey....I was talking. But that wasn't the problem. I promise.


BE said...

Too funny.

Shannon said...

I'll try again this afternoon. Should be good stuff. :)

Lynn said...

I laughed out loud! Good luck this afternoon.

Shannon said...

Thanks Lynn. He did great.

BE said...

How did this week's tack meet turn out? Did you get any more pics?

Shannon said...

It went well. Our one day of sunshine was thankfully on Tuesday. Although I forgot to ask the boy how MPMS placed.