Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Closer

This week the track meet was at Kannapolis Middle School. Here is the boy running the 1600. Several Harris Road boys ran a five minute mile at this meet. It was pretty amazing to watch. Levi is improving every week and has been running a six minute mile. His personal best.
I did get him over a hurdle. Not the shot I was hoping for, but I am getting so close I can taste it.


Rockin' it up said...

lookin good! Keep it up Levi (and the pics too S)

BE said...

You did get better shots. That second shot would be great if that other kid was not in it, LOL!

After getting good at action running shots, baseball shots will be a breeze. ;)

Shannon said...

Brandy, don't jinx it. :) Just kidding. The shot I want is from the side with his front leg stretched out. They are awesome.