Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Term Paper

Levi had to write a five page term paper about a career that he was interested in. Of course in true boy fashion he did it the night before it was due. He chose farming.
L- Mom....I made a 95 on my paper.
Me- Great.
L- Now I have to finish it.
Me- What's left to do?
L- Type it, make a title page and the reference page.
Me- Okay.
L- I asked the teacher about the reference page and she said to put down my three sources.
Me- Hmmmmmmm.
L- I told her I only needed one source.
Me- What?
L- She asked me what the source was.
Me- And?
L- I told her it was my dad.
Me- What did she say?
L- She just laughed.

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