Saturday, February 19, 2011

100th Day

School has celebrated the 100th day. A little later than the norm since we missed an ENTIRE week of school for the snow that we had. I should be posting pics of each child in the doctors office. This time of year is brutal in the South. The weather is all over the place. Yesterday it was 75 here. We have had a stomach virus, the flu, two cases of strep, a sinus infection, and an asthma attack. Oh well, this too shall pass.


Carolina Mama said...

Shannon! Hope they feel better soon! Congratulations you won the California Raisins Valslides Gift Bag! :) How cool! chose #1 !

Email me where to send at carolina mama 1@gmail .com

Cliff said...

I'm afraid I might get a computer 'virus' just coming here to read.
Good post below. We finally went back to a suburban type. Yukon XL We love it. Because of where we live the heated steering wheel, panty warmers and heated washer fluid is really nice. Yeah, I like to pump gas at home because I don't have a meter on that pump. Everywhere else the pump stops at $75 if you're using a visa card. They assume you're pumping it out onto the ground or something.
The guy you were talking to should have known better than to do battle with you.