Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy Saturday

Lately our Saturday's have been super busy. This past Saturday we had basketball pictures made at 9:20. A basketball game at 10. A birthday party for a school friend at 11:45 at the skating rink. At 3 we left to search the county for a glove for S, who is left-handed (easier said than done). At 4 Wyatt had a friend coming over and at 4:20 Levi went to a friends house. I finally got home at 4:30 only to realize that if I would have thought about supper I would have been half way to Pizza Hut from where I took Levi. Ahhhhhh, back out again to get supper. The best part of the day, was watching the buddies gain their confidence on skates. By the time we left they were getting quite good. P.S. It was 81 degrees on Sunday. So sweet!

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Shannon said...

In case anyone else misunderstood, this post is not because I am wishing these days away. I actually love a busy day with the boys. However a nap would have been nice, lol.