Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conversation at the store

This was with a guy while I was waiting to pay for my gas at the store the other day.....
Guy- How much gas do you put in that thing? (pointing at suburban)
Me- As much as it needs.
Guy- You need a little Honda.
Me- You know I have four kids....right?
Guy- You need a little truck.
Me- FOUR boys. Not gonna fit dude.
Guy- A smaller vehicle.
Me- You gonna buy it for me? That thing is paid for. (pointing at the suburban)
Guy- You know what you need?
Me- A nanny?

At this point the cashier lost it, and she and I burst out laughing. Noisy guy just stood there bewildered.


BE said...

LOL! Yeah, with 4 kids you can't really go much smaller.

Shannon said...

I was picturing the clown car when he said a small Honda. :)

Carolina Girl said...

That's nuts! We have 3 and just barely get everyone in a Grand Cherokee. Besides, in addition to hauling kids around, there must be space for groceries, sports gear, etc.

Rockin' it up said...

I have it all figured out really---you just play rock, paper, scissors every time you go anywhere--whoever loses has to ride their bike :)

Heather's World said...

Don't you love running into people like that? I'll bet he thought about you and what kind of car you REALLY need all day. :-) LOL
And, I agree with Leigh. That would be hilarious!

Shannon said...

Leigh that is too funny, I can't stop laughing!