Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We closed out our pumpkin patch field trip 2010 season with a bang. Around 135 first graders from MPES came to visit. AND it was a half day of school. Kathy decided to divide them up into groups and gave each leader a card with their itinerary of events. We had practiced this with a smaller group of 35-40 four year olds from St. John's preschool, and it went quite well.
Parachute activity.
Pick and paint a pumpkin activity.
Story time activity. How cute is number 8 with his hand on the little girls back?
Play set activity. Every thing went awesomely, and the kids had allot of fun. Know what my favorite thing about first graders is? All the toothless grins!

And to my fellow patch volunteers (Kathy, Donna, Stacy and part time helpers Bonnie, Martha, Spring, and Teresa) I had allot of fun and am going to miss seeing you guys three extra days a week!


BE said...

looks like the buddies had a blast. Do they grow the pumpkins there too?

Shannon said...

No we buy them from an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. All the proceeds from the patch go to our youth trips.

Nancy M. said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Maybe we can get to one next year!