Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Saturday night we went to the trunk-or-treat in Stanfield. They had free candy, games, hayrides, and hotdogs.
The crew. Where else can Bank Robbers hang out with Storm Troopers?
Playing games for candy. Ah, the joy.
The boy who was too old to dress up, but not too old to carry around a candy bag.
The CMC helicopter landed while we were in line for the hayride. It was quite windy. (no one was hurt, it was a scheduled landing :) This was allot of fun. I hope MP takes a lesson from it, and does it one year. The only change I would make, would be to sell the hotdogs and drinks for a dollar each to raise money for the elementary school PTO.


Anonymous said...

OK. I'm gonna ask an old man question!! WHY is it called TRUNK-or treat?? We always called it TRICK or treat and I KNEW what those 2 words stood for!!

Heather's World said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Maybe Ryan will be old enough to enjoy that next year.

Shannon said...

The people have the candy in the trunks of their cars. Some even decorate them for the occasion. If you enlarge the first picture, you can see the cars lined up to give out candy.

Nancy M. said...

Wow, that's a lot of cars! I'll bet they racked up on candy! Their costumes are cute! BTW, you're never too old to dress up. I still do, lol!

Shannon said...

Nancy, I told him that. But he said no, lol.