Monday, October 25, 2010

Road Trip with my Brother and Sisters

Wow, okay. This weekend we packed up and headed to see Leigh and Dave. We all went to the Biltmore House on Saturday together. The biggest thing we will all remember, is this huge light falling from the ceiling about 30 feet, and shattering onto the marble floor below. The sound was extremely loud and scary. The floor shook, and the bottom of the light went up inside of itself. This is blurry because I was trying to get it while I was being told not to take it by the security people, lol.
This time around we got to tour some things we have previously not had the time to see. Such as the green houses and gardens and the winery. Here we have Leigh taking a shot of some ladies, while Landon looks on.
The four girls posing on the porch. Brandy, Bethany, Leigh, and I.
Walking into the greenhouse. The staff were setting up for a wedding to take place on the property later in the evening. We saw two different brides getting pictures made.
Landon and Shaun checking out the landscape. That evening we drove to Leigh's house, where we were greeted with the wonderful aroma of chili beans made by Dave, and many licks from Sleepy and Gertie (Leigh and Dave's dogs). It was a great weekend and I hope the first of many more trips to come with all of us together. Thanks Leigh!!!!!


Rockin' it up said...

We enjoyed it too! I especially loved hanging out at the Biltmore all day. Maybe we can make it a yearly thing!!!

Shannon said...

Yes, I agree. So fun and relaxing. The weather was perfect!!!! Next time we should do a Segway tour or something. :)

Landon said...

Yes I had fun also. And a big thanks, to Dave & Judy who kept ALL of the kids.

Shannon said...

Landon commented on my blog? Wow, impressive. Extra brownie points for this one!!!!

raising4boys said...

Loved catching up with your family. You have had some fun adventures (expect for the stitches, eeek)!

BE said...

We had so much fun too! Definitely should make this a yearly tradition. :)