Monday, February 15, 2010

Thought it would be easier......

When the boys were little I thought, "when they get older it will be easier". HAHAHA on me. Here is my past few days (minus cleaning out the throw up bowl, I know... y'all can thank me later)
Friday- Pick up Levi from school dance, it starts snowing (grrrrr, so over this), take him home for a short while, feed him pizza, ask him to pack his crap 48 times for church, take him to church lock-in.
Saturday- Snow is everywhere. Send husband to church to pick-up Levi from the lock-in. He arrives home in a terrible, sleep deprived mood and informs you about a project that he has forgotten about, that is due Friday and he needs a presentation board. You mumble something about military school and send him to bed. He tells you he is a man, he can stay up until 3 am and be perfectly fine. You tell him to go anyway, and end up having to wake him up at 5pm from his "I am not taking a nap but I will go and read on my bed".
Sunday- E-mail his ELA teacher about a book report and find out it is going to be done during class. Child actually THANKS you for saving his life from extra homework. Small group is cancelled due to a meeting at church. Hallelujah.
Monday- After telling child he has a dental appointment and to set his alarm early, he fails to do so. Causing you to have to walk up the stairs again and wake him. After the appointment, he begs you to stop by McDonalds even though he has already had a bowl of cereal big enough to feed 3 people. You give in and he eats 3 hashbrown patties, a small coke, and an egg and bacon biscuit. He will then ask for YOUR egg mcmuffin. You end up behind his bus all the way to school, and drop him off before the tardy bell rings. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and go take a nap.


Heather's World said...

Shannon, this is NOT encouraging! LoL!

Leigh said...

sounds like fun. Though my days right now mostly consist of,feeding time-- "who smells--not you--oh it's YOU--ugh"--get back from changing--wipe up some spit-up that the kids are now playing in like finger paint--change someone else--time for feeding again! Love and Miss yoU!

Shannon said...

Heather, that isn't even half of it, sorry.
Leigh, you sound like you are talking about the buddies when they were little. :) I know all about that....who pooped, who smells, why are you playing in the spit up, days.

Nancy M. said...

Wow, you made me tired just reading all that!

Cliff said...

In a very short time you'll be on a need to know basis with all of the boys. And you won't need to know anything. Makes life hours of boredom interrupted by a few moments of stark terror.
Military school is a great (and funny) point.
You'll likely one day be enshrined.

raising4boys said...

OK....maybe I don't want teenagers. Thanks a lot. So not looking forward to this.

I already miss the before school days when life was simple without homework.