Thursday, February 11, 2010

Code Green

This year the fifth grade received money to do an art project for the school. It was titled "Paint Like Pollock". Each class splattered paint on canvas, Miller Lumber Company framed them, and they were hung on the cafeteria walls. One child said they looked like a food fight, and the title stuck. We attended a program Monday evening in honor of the "artists" given by Mrs. Smithson (the art teacher). She also got a company to take their pictures and put those on canvases as well. It really looks great in the cafeteria now.
As we were leaving, S dropped his cake on the floor in the hallway. Landon scooped it up, and popped it into his mouth in one huge bite. Wyatt caught a glimpse and said "DADDY! Did that hit the floor?" "Yep", replied Landon trying to act cool, possibly regretting his decision. "Do you know how many people BARF on this floor every day?" stated Wyatt. "They call it a Code Green!" We all laughed and left.
(back story, there is a fierce stomach bug going around both schools right now, Levi was at home with it during the program)
Yesterday the school nurse called me at 3:05. "Mrs. Barrier? S threw up walking to the bus. We decided to go ahead and load him with a bag to barf in." Great. Poor boy got off carrying his bag, it had been used. Enough said.
Wyatt said they announced over the intercom, right after they said load buses, "CODE GREEN in front of the office." He said his class busted out laughing, then he saw the bag on the bus. "S....was that you? The Code Green?" "Hahaha, I wander if Daddy wished he hadn't eaten that cake now?" said Wyatt. Touché.


Nancy M. said...

Oh, no! Sorry about the sickness going around! I hope everyone gets better soon!

Shannon said...

Me too. Only one kid left to get it now.

Shannon said...

Okay, getting some flak about the nurse putting the boy on the bus sick. It would have taken me 7 minutes to drive to the school (if both lights were green) and another 25 to get through parent drive and THEN park, and walk up the hill (another 7 minutes) to get him in the office. They knew he would get home faster on the bus. Yeah, 40 minutes, when he could be home in 15 on the bus. I was in full agreement of their decision.

Cliff said...

The lady pouring soda in the punch looks like she has a LOT of hair.
Must be an optical 'delusion.'