Friday, February 19, 2010

Tot Trader Sale

This weekend is the huge Tot Trader sale at the Cabarrus Arena. I have to admit, that after being skeptical of having a large venue so close to our house, I love being able to get over there in five minutes. Our church volunteers to work at various events there and the money goes straight into our building fund. I worked the other morning, and had quite a bit of fun. Despite the bitter cold wind, blowing in one side and out the other, it was enjoyable and the time passed quickly. They check in the cars at one end, the people drive inside, park, and our guys unload the stuff for them. Big things go onto a cart and pushed over to the side, and we check the clothes to make sure they are okay to sell. I only had to turn down around 10 items total all morning. Runners then take the clothes to the correct rack. It all ran pretty smoothly, until a lady pulled up a vehicle literally PACKED with clothes. It took three tables to count them all. Total count that passed inspection was over 2,000. My favorite ladies were the first timers, they were so chatty. One even gave me a box of Girl Scout cookies. The two ladies on one side of me were pregnant, and promptly ate one sleeve, I ate the other. They were good, I was hungry. :) Yesterday I got to shop early. Got some great summer clothes for the buddies, and then got talked into some more vehicles. G was quite the little shopper, pulling out anything orange that he saw and saying, "I like this!" That only lasted about ten minutes and then he was all man, "Hurry up mama, how long have we BEEN here, ten hours?" Get over to the arena this weekend and shop. Sunday is the half price sale. Remember church people, tear down time goes toward the fund also. The more people we have, the faster we get finished.


Cliff said...

Great idea for fundraising. Our nearest hospital does something similar each year. They're up over $75,000 raised the past few years. I does take a lot of great volunteers like you to make it go.

raising4boys said...

Sounds like a lot of work. But a great service. I love that your little helper was only looking at orange clothes.

And girl scout cookies. MAN I missed out on the door to door sales this year. YUMMY!! You are making my mouth water.