Thursday, January 7, 2010

Be Careful What You Say

On the ski lift Monday....
Levi- Wow, I haven't been sick all year!
Me- Don't say that.
Levi- Why?
Me- If you say things like that, you will get sick.
Levi- Huh?
Me- It is like you just jinxed yourself.
Levi- Hahahahaha.

Guess who was hugging a bowl this morning? Maybe mom DOES know best.


Cliff said...

That's a great story.
My daughter once told me, "Dad, just once, I wish you'd be wrong."

Carolina Mama said...

Hop;e you all are up and running soon! I am like you about be careful what you say! :)

raising4boys said...

Poor guy. And this one is like when you wash the car...then it rains, lol! We can't ever win huh! Hope he is better now.