Friday, September 11, 2009


This is going to be short because G woke up with a fever and an ear ache this morning. The elementary school is saying that the buddies got their physicals for kindergarten 8 weeks too early and is demanding they get another one, or not attend school after the 24th of September. I got the letter yesterday evening, giving me 10 business days to get it done. At the doctors office a kindergarten physical is 150 dollars per child. At the Cabarrus Alliance it is 172 dollars per child, and they can't be seen until October 2. That would mean one week of them missing school. I have spoken to the superintendent and the director of kindergarten entry AND the school nurse. The first two are on my side, the nurse stated "she doesn't make policy..... she just follows it".
If this isn't resolved today..... stay tuned. I have an idea. And it doesn't involve me spending another 300 dollars for a physical my kids already had.
P.S. they have all their shots too.


BE said...

I really hope you can get this worked out without having to pay more money. What is with your G & my G and earaches. We didn't have the fever though. Hope he feels better. :( Poor G boys.

Carey said...

ugh, how frustrating! i would love to hear you "idea"! hope this gets sorted out.

Nancy M. said...

That is so crazy that it's only 8 weeks older than they wanted. That's just dumb! Hope you get it straightened out!