Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conversation With The Hubs

Him- I need you to drive trucks this year.
Him- You can do it.
Me- The RIG?
Him- Noooooo, the automatic dumptrucks.
Me- Oh, you think I can do that?
Him- Yeah, just go slow and take them to the bins and bring them back.
Me- You want me to UNLOAD them?
Him- Yes. It's easy.
Me- I can't even park the Suburban in between two cars, and you want me to back up to a pit and unload a dumptruck?
Him- Like I said, it is easy.
Me- And you won't be upset if something bad happens?
Him- I didn't say that!


CrystalW said...

So there goes your free time without the kids!

Shannon said...

Sounds like it.

Nancy M. said...

Good Luck! That would definitely be hard for me, I'm not a great backer. At least he has confidence in you!

Shannon said...

Confidence..... or he is backed into a rock and a hard place needing help, lol.

raising4boys said...

I'm with you, I don't drive a regular truck well let alone a DUMP TRUCK!! But you're a farm girl and will learn quick. Think of Obama's speech today about learning new things :)

twin power mommy said...


Just what you were looking for, huh!

My hubby would say the same thing..."um, you do it, but if there's a mess up, it doesn't mean i won't be upset!"

Sheeesh! (rolling eyes)