Saturday, September 12, 2009

Know When To Fold Them

Well, after talking to everyone in authority under the sun, I have decided to give up the good fight and give in. The law is the law.....statewide, and there is nothing we can do about it. The head nurse of our county called me and explained that we are not the first people this has happened to and we won't be the last. I told her the hard part was the "eight weeks". Imagine if it was eight days, was her reply. That has happened before. Something else to thank our legislators for. They voted it into effect. I made an appointment for Monday at 9, which the doctor promptly cancelled today when I took G in for his ear infection and 104.2 temperature. She said there was no way he would pass a hearing test right now. She rescheduled everything for the 25th, so she could recheck his ear the same day. The principle said they could stay in school as long as an appointment was made, even if it was after the cut-off date.
Note to self: eat breakfast before running to the doctors office at 8:30 am. It could be lunchtime before you get home.


Elizabeth said...

What a pain.
I am fighting a battle right now with DirecTV, which is totally unrelated to physicals and school.
However, your title is a gentle hint to me that I might just need to cut my losses and run. I'm not ready to give in just yet, but I know I'm expending valuable energy if I proceed!

Fantastagirl said...

That has to be so very frustrating....I'm not one to take bureaucracy well.

Rockin' it up said...

at least they can stay in school and won't miss days for no reason. Skipping school should always be fun--or sick--related :). Hope we get to see you guys soon enough!

Cliff said...

Man this is irritating just to read about. Keep all firearms out of your purse when speaking with administration. I'm not sure they'll let you blog form jail.
Glad to see I was right about the sprayer. Man that new one is a big,in. I'm also glad to see you beginning to drive the trucks. My 30'ish daughter hauls all of our corn the 50 mile round trip to Cargill with our tractor/trailer. She loves it. Says it makes her feel like a 'Woman.' (you have to pull your chin in and lower your voice when you say it)

Carolina Mama said...

Bless your heart! I carry those Fiber 1 bars. That could help on the run.

Shannon said...

Carolina Mama: I had some Lance crackers in the car, but I even forgot my ever present water bottle. So I decided to wait.
Cliff: I think I've got the driving part down, it is the backing up part/turning on the elevator part/remembering what to do next during unloading that is hard. Now the hubs wants me to take the air brakes test. :) Lordy, does someone ride in the truck with me? No pressure.

raising4boys said...

Hard lessons learned. I can't believe they are that tight on "when" the exams where. I thought as long as they got their shots that's all that mattered.

Here they scheduled Kindergarten checkups AFTER May. So I have never heard of such laws. But all you can do is pick up the pieces and move on. GOOD LUCK! Hope the kiddos feel better soon.