Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After we left New Bern, we stopped by Aurora. They have a Fossil Museum that is quite amazing for such a small town. This was free also. The museums were free, and the digging was free. Our car was packed for the beach so we had our shovels and buckets, and you can purchase a screen to sift with from the museum.
We sat in the pile and started. Almost immediately, the kids were shouting, "FOUND ONE", "HERE'S ANOTHER ONE", "LOOK AT THIS ONE". We would look and they would have another sharks tooth in their hands. Turns out, the more you TRY to find one, the less likely you will. If you just randomly look around, you can notice that they are everywhere. You can find teeth, vertebrae, and other tidbits.
There is a phosphate mine close by. When they started digging for phosphate, they uncovered sharks teeth..... HUGE ones, and all kinds of fossils and remains. This whole town used to be under water. I have never seen such big sharks teeth in my life. The museums were quite interesting.
Check this out. The indians were a big influence around here. We all knew that, who hasn't found an arrow head or two in the yard at home, or while hiking at Morrow Mountain. But seeing the chart was fun. They find indian artifacts in the mine also.
If you are anywhere near Aurora, Havelock or New Bern, make time for this museum. Your family will have a ball!


Cliff said...

I told you people, stay off my mountain.

Shannon said...

Cliff, too funny!

Rockin' it up said...

so fun! LOVE the pix! Hope to see you guys this weekend!!!!

Shannon said...

Me too, miss you Leigh!

Nancy M. said...

That's really neat! I know the boys must have loved that, mine sure would!

raising4boys said...

What a great place for boys!!! You are having an awesome summer :)