Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Bern

Saturday, July 4th, we drove down to New Bern. Neither the hubs nor I have been that far east in N.C. The drive was quite enjoyable. Especially after I got behind the wheel. The hubs drives slower and slower when he passes a farm, grain bins or an elevator, and there are many!
We visited Tryon Palace. You can walk all over the gardens, and everything outside for free. The streets and the homes are similar to Old Salem, and the gardens are a miniature Builtmore. You can see the period influences in our state.
We had a good laugh about whom would take care of this if it were at our house. The day was mild with low humidity in New Bern, and we had quite a good time. These mazes of bushes make kids want to run around crazily for some odd reason.
This is a chicken coop that hasn't been cleaned out in quite some time. The odor was astounding. Ever smelled a field with chicken shavings spread all over it? Exactly the same in this small thing. Almost had to pay the buddy to stand there long enough for this shot, lol.
The kids at the gates inside of the front gates. I highly recommend stopping by here with kids.


Nancy M. said...

The gardens are beautiful! And yes, I really hate that poopy smell in some fields!

Anonymous said...

I love Tryon Palace and all of New Bern. Your dad and I got to stay a few days when the Parks and Rec conference was there, probably 5 years ago. Frankly, I liked Tryon better than Biltmore. Next time, go inside. It's very interesting.
Love, Mom

CrystalW said...

I love the garden picture! It is gorgeous. The pic of the buddy holding his nose is priceless.