Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

As some of you know, both the buddies bottom left teeth are lose. When we got home from the beach, G began complaining about not being able to eat, and his tooth being loose. This was the first Landon or I had heard anything about anyone having a loose tooth. (other than Levi, who lost another baby molar while on vacation) He came downstairs Monday morning and said,"Just pull it out! PLEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE Mommy! It hurts, I can't EAT!" I dismissed it as being overly dramatic, and we went on with our day. Later at the pool, he walked up to Bethany and I and said, " LOOK AT ME! The snorkel pulled out my TOOTH!" It was too cute. He was very excited. (we never found that tooth, by the way) He had to show Great Grandmama, and call Landon, and walk over to the shop to show Grandpa and Clay. Grandpa gave him a quarter and I looked over at S. Needless to say he is not loving this attention that G is getting and is quite over all of it. Phrases he has said:

I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror.
I can't believe I lost a TOOTH!
This feels so weird.
I like to put my finger in there with my teeth closed.
I need to tell (fill in the blank) about my lost tooth.

Now, I am not sure if he is really still amazed by all of this, or if he is rubbing it in for S.


BE said...

Very cute. I love the toothless look.

Bailey was the exactly the same, she went on and on about it. Graham just kind of got over the excitement pretty quickly. (compared to B)

Anonymous said...

That must have happened after I came back to the house! I never knew it was that loose. It still felt pretty tight when I felt it. Look for Stone's tooth to be out soon...even if he pulls it himself.

Rockin' it up said...

cute! I'm sure S will have one out soon enough :).

Nancy M. said...

Kids are so cute when their front teeth come out!

CrystalW said...

Has he tried drinking from a straw through the hole?