Sunday, June 14, 2009

Washing Machines

(backstory: my washing machine has been dying a slow death over the past few months. Wednesday it had a problem again. The hubs told me to do my research and buy a new set, and have it delivered so he didn't have to leave the field to take care of it.)

Conversation with sales girl at Best Buy.

Me- Hey, I have a few questions about a washer on your web sight.
Her- Okay.
Me- Can you tell me how long it takes to wash a load of clothes in one of these LG front loading models?
Her- Hmmmmm, let me look that up. 14 minutes.
Me- Did you say 14 minutes?
Her- Yes, Ma'am.
Me- FourTEEN, or fourTY?
Her- 14.
Me- One, four?
Her- (laughing) Yes, one, four.
Me- Wow, that is life changing.
Her- Yes, and you can get double the amount of clothes into it, than you can put into your top loading machine. It also has a sanitizing.....
Me- You had me at fourteen.


Elizabeth said...

WOW! I need to know what brand and model that is!!!
Is the dryer that fast too? I would be in heaven.
Oh, Lord. I am so OLD if I think a washer and dryer could make my life heavenly. Aaagh!

Shannon said...

We are looking at LG because we have read about them in Consumer Reports. But Best Buy said that all of the newer front loaders do a load in 14, the dryer too.

BE said...

14 is pretty quick, much quicker than mine. The dryer dries faster because front loaders spin so much of the water out.

Nancy M. said...

I saw a commercial that said they washed and dried in 14 minutes. It does sound awesome! That's like the same time to do both that it takes me to do one. How awesome!

Heather's World said...

Wow! I am actually feeling lightheaded thinking about it! Lol!

Anonymous said...

14,wow,wow. That would make my life soooooooooooo much easier. Wow is all I can say. I could wash all of our clothes in ONE NIGHT! OMG!
Sad, isn't it? That we're all day dreaming about a 14 minute load of clothes. It means we're either old or....we're old.

Bet those folks in our Sunday School class aren't even thinking about a washing machine making their life easier, huh? :o) LOL! I think it may be time to start our own class.


Rockin' it up said...

14 minutes...hmmm....I would just like to have one in my house and not have to drive to the laundry-mat every time--which means maybe a once a week thing!!!

Amanda said...

OMG, That pushes me over the edge. I've been salivating over that LG set since it came out because of the sanitizing cycle. I was thinking sanitizing is good when I have all boys. She had me at 14 too.

twin power mommy said...


My mom bought one of those LG machines....she LOVES IT!!!

Hoping mine breaks down soon...would like me one of dems!