Sunday, April 19, 2009


We tried to start planting the garden. I say tried because the hubs is in the field and that left me, and the boys. (stop laughing) Immediately starting, Wyatt acts like he can't hear anything. You know, I ask him for the hoe or a pack of seeds and he wanders off aimlessly. Five minutes later I see him zoom by on his bike. I send Levi to chase him down and he says he didn't HEAR us. Right. If I would have said something to the tune of "Who wants to go to Gamestop", he would have been the first one in the car. Levi, G, and I got one row of potatoes in before the father-in-law made an appearance. Of course we were "doing it all wrong" and the "hard way" and "too late". I guess he forgot about the monsoons we have been having every five days. Then he insisted that we go over it again with the tiller. He spent twenty minutes getting it to crank, made two passes, and said he had to go to a reunion. Now I catch a glimpse of G running around with his nice pants on. Correction, he had S's nice pants on. I send Levi to chase him down and tell him to go put on play pants. We continue yet again. S comes outside and tells me that Wyatt will not make him a sandwich but saw fit to eat one in front of him. He helps me by pouring the ENTIRE packet of lima bean seeds into one hole and then he buries them. We spend the next five minutes digging them out and spacing them correctly. I start walking up to the house and realize that our "baby grass" has orange on it. Then I start seeing orange everywhere. The trees, the slate pathway, the sidewalk, the back door, the side of the house, the Gator. It was spray paint that Levi had gotten out to make markers for the rows. The same paint that his grandfather and I had BOTH said to go put away 45 minutes before said incident. S was standing at the back door with an orange finger. Needless to say I morphed into "crazy mom mode" demanding why, when and how. We will never know the answers to said questions. Because the little boy doesn't even know why he did it himself.
At this point I think that gardens are highly over-rated.


Nancy M. said...

I hear you! You just had too much going on at the time.

I would love to know why boys can't seem to hear. I have been thinking of taking my oldest to the doctor for an exam. Cause every time I ask him to do something, the answer is "I didn't hear you". Drives me insane!

BE said...

Oh, my! I should sent Luke over, all that fun sounds right up his alley. I could see him painting everything orange, including himself.

It's not just boys who can't hear, it can be girls too. That sounds like Bailey. Hearing is fine, it's the listening skills we need to work on.

Farmtown gardening is my kind of gardening, even though I did go help plant at mom's yesterday evening. It went a little smoother than your planting, I think.

Jennifer Allen said...

At least you aren't growing lettuse to feed the neighborhood rabbits, because that's apparently what I'm doing.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry, but I am laughing. You just described us trying to get anything done around here. We get those same results with 2 boys and 2 parents? How is that? We should get things done. There is one of us for each of them so we can divide and conquer.

CrystalW said...

We are going to TRY to plant a garden too. I just went to buy the seeds and we bought tomato plants yesterday. The last time we planted a garden, I went out the next day to water it, and the only thing left were green sprigs sticking out of the ground. Some small critter(s) came in the night and ate the leaves off of all of our plants. All that work for nothing, not to mention the misquito bites all over my legs and arms.

Shannon said...

Cryatal I remember your garden fiasco, lol. Good luck. Hopefully it will be uneventful this year. :)

Brandy, the farm town gardening is my kind of gardening too. No sweat and no critters.

Leigh said...

honestly--this is what i look forward to if i have children. I mean--who else gets to have interactions with kids like that? So fun! lol well, it's fun later i suppose :).

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't plant a garden. Jason is the one who wanders off to piddle with something in his little building. Any who, I always say the only beans I'm gonna pick from now on are off the shelf at Food Lion. :o)
You guys wanna go out to eat Saturday night?