Friday, April 17, 2009


Someone asked us to roast some soybeans for their chickens. You can grind them into some awesome feed. Animals love it. At one point there were about six pick-ups across the street. Men were standing around everywhere. It looked like the state D.O.T. was doing a project.
Look at all of the augers involved in this process. One thing I have learned in farming, you can NEVER have too many augers.
So, you unload the beans from one dumptruck, and they go into the roaster. I wish these pics would have captured the steam that was coming out.
Then the beans are unloaded from the roaster, and reloaded into another dumptruck. The hubs and Levi LOVE to eat the roasted beans. Last night the hubs was bragging about how many he had eaten.
Me......not so much. They taste like the burnt coffee from Starbucks at Afton Ridge. But they smell a little bit like chocolate and coffee mixed.


CrystalW said...

I was eating Soy Nuts one day and Chad said, "You're eating roasted soybeans. Landon roasts soybeans and eats them right out of the roaster." I like the ones from the store because they have a little bit of salt.

We definitely need to get together and go walk or something. I can't get motivated either. I will do good for a week and then it all stops.

CC said...

I guess there is no need to come in for a snack!! I love reading how busy you guys stay! I don't know how you do what you do!!!

Shannon said...

Crystal, we need to set up a schedule and get to cracking. I caught a glimpse of my legs in the mirror last night and wasn't happy at all!

Carey, we need more pics of baby C on your blog. She is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Just a note, your baby brother just left for the prom, driving a Mustang convertible. He really looked handsome in it. Too bad it's just a loaner. I got to drive it to Bailey's ballgame today. And whenever we can work it out, your family is invited for a steak dinner. Mom says yes we are getting together for Mother's Day, 1:00 lunch. Will that work?