Monday, April 20, 2009


Finally, it stopped raining long enough for the hubs to get that Kinze into the fields and plant some corn. Can y'all believe the sky in these pics? I don't know if it should be a John Deere commercial or a Kinze commercial.
This thing is just so huge. Remember the old one was just a lowly six row planter.
This isn't your grandfathers farming folks. It is quite complicated now. The screen is a type of GPS, if you will, to keep the rows correct. Precision farming to make the most out of your seed and fertilizer. One wrong calculation in overlapping can add up to hundreds/thousands of dollars lost.
This pic is for the people who say, why is he home so late? It is dark. Newsflash. We have this little invention called LIGHTS. Only, this year instead of straining to see his makers, he just used this little gem.


CrystalW said...

I am so glad that you posted a pic of the GPS. Chad was trying to explain it to me and I was looking at him like he was crazy!

We had a good time Friday night. I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

Shannon said...

It was fun. Landon said he will stay awake next time, lol.
You can stop by the shop and take a gander at it in person if you want. Only, I think the tractor is parked in Stanly right now. :)

CC said...

beautiful sky in pic #1! you should send that in to a mag or something!! i really want to get out there this summer and see all of this!!

Nancy M. said...

You must have heard my husband when he said those things were easy. Our neighbor was using a smaller version to plant his fields. And my husband said that's what we need for our garden. I said, seriously? Our garden is nowhere big enough to need that thing. But he's a man and things everything has to be bigger and have more power.

It's neat to see the gadgets inside. It's really hi-tech!

Fantastagirl said...

LOL - you have lights? get out. just kidding. I'm glad he has the GPS!

We used a similar set up for a test plot (77 acres corn and soybeans), and it was pretty dead on for yields etc, the charts/graphs etc we were able to compile were great - much data and the farmers loved it!

Shannon said...

FG- so far so good. He used his markers to check how accurate it was, and it was dead on. He bought it from Iowa I believe. Even with the shipping included they were cheaper than local dealers. Not many people use them around here yet.

Montee said...

Nope, that's not grandaddy's John Deere for sure! Now tractors look like a cockpit!