Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Baskets

All we heard from G before Easter was how much he wanted/needed a chocolate bunny. How awesome they were. How it must be big. How his life would be complete if he just had a huge, chocolate bunny. I thought he would get a kick out of the ears sticking out of the top of the box. He was ecstatic the say the least. He ran around the kitchen showing everyone (they all got the same one, lol). After breakfast, around mid-morning, we let the buddies try out the bunnies. I posted the pic last week. What I didn't post was what he said after he bit into the ears.

G- YUCK!!! THIS bunny is NASTY!!!! (follows that with trying to spit everything out of his mouth and wiping off his tongue)
Me- What? Why?
G- It has NUTS in it.
Me- What? Nuts? Buddy it is just chocolate.....no nuts.
G- NO! There are nuts. It is crunchy like those tiny candy bars that Daddy doesn't like.
Me- What?
S- (steps in to be the voice of reason) It is crunchy like the little red candy bars in the cabinet.
Me- (suddenly getting it) Krackle?
Me- That is RICE to make it crunchy.

I give up. The Easter Bunny needs to read the package a LITTLE more carefully next year. The box plainly stated "crispy milk chocolate".

How on Earth did I miss that?


Rockin' it up said...

too funny! You really should try and video these moments ---just think--could this be amusing to people who read my blog--if the answer is yes get the camera out and video while talking :)

Shannon said...

Okay, seriously. Everytime we get our video camera out the kids start acting differently. They either clam up, or turn into crazy people. The other times the camera is dead. I will get the hubs to try it next time and record it on his iPhone.

Anonymous said...

I love crispy milk chocolate! Too bad the Easter Bunny didn't bring it to me.

Shannon said...

Mom, Wyatt hasn't even opened his. Interested?

BE said...

Too funny!
Bailey "needed" a chocolate bunny too. She didn't say that it needed to be a big bunny though, so she only got a small one. Funny thing is that she hasn't even opened it yet.

Rockin' it up said...

I LOVE hollow chocolate Easter bunnies. I bought one when we came back from the beach since they were all on sale. I remember when I was at PBC I bought 5 the day after Easter and kept them in my dorm fridge for the rest of the semester :)

Montee said...

Well, this Easter Bunny has never heard of a chocolate bunny that is made like a Krackle bar. I always thought they were just plain milk chocolate. I'll be sure to check the package before I buy that bunny from now on.

Marel Lecone said...

My boy started choking because the chocolate went down the wrong pipe. Poor kid--he will probably swear off chocolate bunnies for life!! haha

raising4boys said...

But the chocolate bunny was holding a basketball? My five year old said "that's cute" when he saw your picture.

Love the Legos in basket :)

twin power mommy said...

Nuts...rice...it's all the same thing LOL!!!

I miss those chocolate bunnies! The hollow ones are the best! Mmmmmm....i never buy them cuz my kids don't eat too much chocolate or candy for that matter.
I always end up throwing most of their candy away(from whatever season it was: Easter, halloween, valentines day, b-day parties).

Perhaps next year, I'll buy a hollow choco bunny just for myself to enjoy. Oh yeah!