Monday, March 23, 2009

Biltmore House

(Biltmore House)
This week-end my boys went camping with my parents, and the hubs and I went to the Biltmore House in the mountains of NC. We were in cahoots with my brother-in-law to surprise my sister who lives about an hour away from there, and boy...did we ever! We walked into the Waffle House, and she goes WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! It was too funny.
(the stables)
We had supper with them, and then rode over to Cherokee to see the casino. Landon did some 25 cent slots, made a quarter and we left. Saturday morning they made breakfast for us, before we drove over to the Biltmore House. The house is the largest privately owned home in the US. It is quite amazing. You can't take pics inside, so you can see how huge the outside is.
(corner of one side)
It is hard to imagine how a 33 year old man built this house in the 1800's. Landon kept saying how did he get his money? What did he DO? Well, it was family money. The Vanderbilt family to be exact. Mr. Vanderbilt bought thousands of acres (8,000), built a house that got out of hand, designed gardens, and out-buildings, and had a farm. His goal was to be self-sufficient. Anyone heard of Biltmore Milk?
The basement was my favorite place. It had a pool, gym, bowling alley, kitchen staff rooms, kitchens, changing rooms, laundry rooms, food storage rooms, you name it. Landon's favorite room was the grand dining room. It had a triple fireplace, a pipe organ like the kind you see in huge churches, a 40 foot long dining table, and tapestries.
Everything was so beautiful. After the house and stables, we visited the winery and the farm. The only draw-back was, the farm is mostly for city folk (as the hubs would say). It has a petting zoo, a blacksmiths shop, wood workers shop, and more stables. Great day, great visit. I highly recommend everyone go...without the kids, lol. They would be bored out of their minds. We are already planning our next visit.


Nancy M. said...

It's hard to believe that I've lived around here all my life and not been there. I'll bet it was beautiful! That will be hard for me to manage going without my kids. But, it sounds wonderful!

Shannon said...

Yeah, we only had to wait five years, so they would be old enough to camp, lol. But it was well worth the wait! Your oldest would probably like it, but carrying around a toddler up and down six flights of stairs would be exhausting. We toured the house for two hours. The peeps with chitlins looked very tired. :)

Anonymous said...

I went with Brittney on a field trip a couple of years ago. I felt like we were herded through like livestock. We didn't have enough time to see everything. Maybe we can plan to go with ya'll next time, without kids of course. I don't think Chad has ever been.


Mom said...

I am so glad you got to go! Landon may not remember that his dad and I took him and Shaun when they were little.
It is truely amazing place!


Carolina Mama said...

Awesome, awesome. You got such great pictures.

Fantastagirl said...

That is an amazing place-just wow.

Cliff said...

I've watched a documentary about the home. What a place. I plan to see it someday. You guys are fortunate.
It's good you went along. I see you're not much good at watching the place. (joke)
Yeah, we have a dog that barks because she is scared. YOu can see it in her eyes at night. We need to buy her a dog for protection.

Shannon said...

Cliff, you crack me up! Seriously, you would fit right in around here.
Debra, Dan told me he went in the 70's. Allot has changed, you should go back again. He said there wasn't a restaurant in the stable, and he didn't get to go in the basement. But he didn't tell me Landon and Shaun went, lol.

raising4boys said...

How fun to surprise your sister and go on a getaway with your husband. Such beautiful pictures!

Heather's World said...

I remember going when I was about 14. I was very HOT that day. I didn't know that we were going on vacation, I though we were just going to a revival in Kings Mountain. Next thing I know, I am on a week and a half trip with only 2 sets of clothes! And, one set was a retarded pair of jean 3/4 length culottes! EWWWW!!!! Culottes!!! Lol!!!
I really need to go back and enjoy it with normal clothes on!