Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Biltmore

Can you find the house? There are several shots like this one. The hubs was driving and he would holler out, there is the house, take a picture. He was really pushing it with the whole "hang-out-of-the-window-looking-backwards-taking-a-picture", because I get carsick very easily.
These are the gardens outside of the place where all of the palm trees are from all over the world. They collected hundreds of varieties. Landon goes, "I couldn't get grass to grow in a straight line surrounded by gravel if I tried!" But it is rolled out sod I told him. "Doesn't matter," he replied.
Mr. Vanderbilt purchased 100,000 acres of land. He didn't want to see anyone around ruining his views of the mountains. After his death, Mrs. Vanderbilt sold all but 8,000 to the government. That land, along with other acreage the government purchased, makes up the Pigsah National Forest.
As we were walking along these paths, a little boy asked his mother what kind of stone all these walls were made out of. She told him it was quartz. I had to stifle my laugh. Anyone from NC knows what the heck quartz looks like, and lady..... this couldn't be farther from it. (they are made from limestone, just a small F.Y.I.) Another kid asked her mother why all the statues were naked....kids, gotta love it!


Nancy M. said...

Cool pics! And very cool information. I would have known it wasn't quartz, but I wouldn't have guessed limestone.

Anonymous said...

So what do Stone and Gage have to say about their first camping trip? The first morning when it was so cold, they said they didn't like "camping mornings". I told them I didn't either. Then they said they liked camping, but next time they were only going to stay one night. They slept great and the twins stayed really warm. Levi was on the edge of the tent, and the second night he was cold. They were good...but the buddies did not like their Granddaddy's long walk. Levi loved hiking with Dave and learning how to use a compass. Mom