Friday, March 20, 2009

Farm Update

Old School
New School

Conversation with the hubs.
L-Did you see them come and get the old baler?
L-The baler, what time did they come get it?
L-You didn't see anything?
L-So someone could have stolen it, and you wouldn't know right now?
Me-What are you talking about?
L-They came and picked up the baler. Did you see it leaving? He had a blowout down the road and I had to take him another tire.
Me-I know nothing.
L-Wasn't the dog barking?
Me-That dog barks if the wind blows in her eyes. Seriously. I heard nothing.


"B" said...

Too funny! The new baler looks great!

Shannon said...

Thanks. Are you going camping with the boys?

twin power mommy said...

You guys have the funniest conversations.
I would love to be a fly on the wall just to hear some of the silliness that goes on in your house!

Fantastagirl said...

The new baler looks great!