Thursday, February 5, 2009

What do Farmers do in the Winter?

They usually build something.  Right now the hubs is helping a buddy build a new shop.  What do you think?  Nice isn't it?  It is like a "man club" over there.
We also have wheat in the ground.  So, PLEASE, if you live on the edge of a field DO NOT let your children ride their four wheelers all over it.  Just because you can't see a crop does not mean there isn't one there.
What else.... they shop.  We are looking for a Kinze planter, if anyone knows of a good deal call me ASAP.  And, yes, he will drive to another state for one.
Umm, oh, paper work.  Does it ever end?  There are also the many seed catalogs and chemical companies.  Planning, planning, planning.  What was where last year, what needs to go there this year, what seed had the best yield, best drought resistance, least bug problems.  You place your orders and then hope you got the correct amount and don't need to replant anything.  The seed companies only order what you need with a few extra and then it is gone.  That is when Southern hospitality comes into play.  We have sold extra seed to fellow farmers as they have to us also.  
This is late because we had a two hour delay for our non-snow related vaca yesterday.  


Nancy M. said...

That's a nice shop! That is all I hear my hubby talking about lately needing one. Can I borrow yours to help mine build his shop?

raising4boys said...

Very impressive!! What a great project :)

twin power mommy said...

The building is HUGE!
I am impressed when people have skills to do stuff like that....

As for me and my hubby, we would have to call someone to do it!