Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Boy, last year we really experienced our fair share of weird weather and breakdowns.   Remember the hail?
This is a shot of hail damaged corn.  The whole top half of the stalks were broken.  We were unsure of how it would affect the yields.  
The face of an American farmer on a bad day, full of breakdowns and disappointments.  Also two trips to John Deere, for me for parts.  Landon jokes that this day made his gray hair pop out, if you click to enlarge it you can see it.
Planter tire blow out.
Corn abnormality.  You can see it grew in reverse.  And has no husk around the cob.
Then there were the floods.  Who could forget that.
But we do it all, for this.  To get it into the bins for storage and then watch the market for a good time to sell.  Farmers are the only ones who BUY at retail and SELL at wholesale.  We have had the highest of high prices and the lowest of the lows.  I challenge you, the next time you buy something.... buy American.  


tardevil said...

Amen to that. It seems almost impossible to do these days!

Carolina Mama said...

Love this post. I am going to Tweet it. We most likely would not be in this mess economically if we bought Made in the USA! I'm in!

Fantastagirl said...

We try to buy American for's just the way we are.

getting harder to do though.

Carolina Mama said...

I did put a Tweet on this because I think it is important for everyone to know the life of true American Farmers. Thanks for posting.

They had a two hour delay on everything in the County for snow delay yesterday. Not a flake of snow. ;( We did enjoy the time. :)