Thursday, February 5, 2009

School Updates

I have to brag on my boys.  They both made A honor roll.  Levi has a 100 average in math... still, and Wyatt has a 100 average in Science.  This proves that they did, in fact, get Landon's genes, because I was crap in both of those subjects.  Even though I made straight A's, I didn't have a clue as to what we had just learned in either one of those subjects.  They, on the other hand, do.  Going one step further, Levi just received the character award for the second nine weeks.  Only nine sixth graders per nine weeks, one from each homeroom, receive this award.  Remember there are around 250 sixth graders at his school, so this is quite amazing.  He will be on cable channel 21, if anyone catches it please record it for us, as we don't have cable out here in the country.   


Amanda said...

Congrats to the boys!

Anonymous said...

Tell the boys I am so proud of them!


raising4boys said...

WAY TO GO!!! I was the same way in school, good grades...forgot it all after the test! My husband is always questioning how I did it.

Fantastagirl said...

that is sooo AWESOME!!! Congrats to your boys!

Marel Lecone said...

This is so great! Congratulations to your boys. I'm stressing Faith's math skills--it is definitely something that we are always working on daily. Hope all is well. Take care. And, have a great weekend!

Cliff said...

Hey, congrats to the young men on their grades. Smart little guys for sure.
I enjoyed your 2008 rehash. Good stuff. I remember planting about 10 acres with a low tire on the planter. I wouldn't believe the monitor that said I was planting 42000 plants per acre. I checked my sprockets twice and knew it couldn't be. I'm a dummy.
The Kinze planters are made not far from here and they are plentiful in the farm ad magazines but that would add a lot to the cost.
Just for fun have your husband look at

twin power mommy said...

That is awesome!!!
Hurray boys!

I never did outstanding in those subjects, but i wasn't terrible either.
I enjoyed science a little more than math, but i HATED chemistry. That was my worst subject of all time!

You guys are doing well with your boys!

Nancy M. said...

You have some very smart children! I was kinda like you, I did good in school, but didn't actually retain a lot of it.

Carolina Mama said...

Congratulations that is outstanding. You must be thrilled. That takes hard work!