Monday, February 9, 2009

What snow?

Last Wednesday morning my mom called.  
Mom- Hey, I guess school was cancelled in your county too?
Me- Yeah, but I don't know why... we have had heavier frosts than what we got last night.
Mom- Really?  Bethany, David and your Dad are out sledding in the snow.
Me- What snow?
Mom- We got several inches.  More than last last time.
Mom- Yeah, are your boys playing in it?
Me- We didn't get anything worthy of donning three layers of clothes.  But, Levi did get to go to the Farm Show with Landon this morning, since there was no school.
Me- I might bring the boys over there to sled.
Mom- No, don't the roads are pretty bad around here.

Clearly we aren't going to get a good snowing this year!


Amanda said...

Never say never. We haven't had a good snow where we are in PA yet this year. Traditionally when it's this mild all winter we get a February or March blizzard. Something could hit the east coast yet. I figure the end of last week through the beginning of this week is what used to be our January thaw. It's not over yet.

Cliff said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you. There is no such thing as a good snowing.
The farm show looked interesting. The yellow combine at the top got me to chuckling a bit. Our neighbor was running 3 of those last fall. He told me never again. We did need to take a detour 4 times while the CAT company was out in the middle of the road, loading up the units and taking them the 50 miles to the shop. He said he was going back to green again.

twin power mommy said...

We had a couple of flurry's here was nice. Don't usually see snow twice in So.Cal, though!

Fantastagirl said...

I'm thinking the farm show would have been fun - Look at all the new "big boy toys!"....