Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time Savers

I have found a great new website that has been such a time saver.  Join EBATES and shop through them.  They automatically look up any coupon codes or discounts available, and show them to you.  Then, you go to your site, though them, and make an extra percentage of what ever you spend.  For example, last week I bought Legos through  I logged on through EBATES, got a coupon for five dollars off and free shipping, and THEN received 11 dollars back in EBATES.  They mail out checks every so often.  Yesterday, I ordered the boys new clothes from Old Navy and got 20 percent off plus free shipping, and six dollars in EBATES added to my account.  Let's break that down.  I ordered 14 articles of clothing for 100 dollars.  Used my code and brought it down to 80.  Got the shipping removed, points added to my Old Navy account AND six dollars in EBATES.  So I really got 100 dollars worth of clothes for 74 dollars.  Old Navy and Lego both ship out their merchandise within three days, and have free returns (as do most retailers)  AND wore my fleece P.J.'s all the while, lol.
My second shout out is for the Kodak website.  Everything I have ever ordered from them is in my hands by the fifth day.  You can even have it printed out at a store if you like.  I just hate waiting in stores so I opt not to do that.  My favorite thing to do is take a regular print and turn it into a black and white one.  Farming pictures look amazing when they are in black and white.  The detail just pops.  
Most sites have guaranteed Christmas delivery as long as you place your order by lunch time on December 11th.  Try it out.  And remember..... Apple has free shipping too.  

To Dave and Leigh- I hope you have a smooth flight, that is on time, and make many great memories on this trip.  Remember to get some great shots in Rome for Levi!  I am soooo jealous.:)


Rockin' it up said...

Thanks! We'll do our best to stay safe. My arm is KILLING me and it hurts to touch it anywhere around that place--ugh. Oh, we got your christmas card yesterday--love it! Thanks so much for always sending us one--we'd send you one of Sleepy but he's already w/ Mom and Dad ;). Love you all!

Jennifer Allen said...

I love ebates! Thanks for passing on that bit of info!