Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tips For a Smooth Christmas Eve

1.  If you have just had twins in October, don't wait until Christmas Eve to put ANYTHING together.  

2.  If the store charges ten dollars extra for assembly.... let them do it, lol.  

3.  No matter what your husband says, foose ball tables are not easy to put together.  In your sleepy haze you won't notice that all the men are facing the same way until you are finished.

4.  Apply stickers to Power Wheels two weeks before, at your father-in-laws house.  Those babies are very loud to peel off.  Y'all KNOW I'm not doing it outside.... remember my 50 degree rule.  Below fifty=I don't function well.

5.  Do a trial run one evening to make sure it all looks okay.  Don't get it out and say, "We suck this year"..... because it will be too late.

6.  SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED means, at least, two hours in toy manufacturing talk.  (ie Rescue Heroes aircraft carrier)

7.  The one thing that you can't find or don't get, will be the thing your child remembers not getting for the rest of his life.  He'll get it when he has kids of his own.

8.  Make sure all the stuff works properly.  We got remote control jeeps one year and they didn't work.  Radio Shack wouldn't replace them because it had been three weeks, and they were bought on sale.  And yes, Radio Shack is on my list, lol.  You know, the don't-get-anything-from-that-store-they-are-rear-ends list.

9.  Let UPS deliver the secret stuff to your moms house, so you don't have to worry when the brown truck pulls into the driveway just as the bus is stopping.

10.  Buy extra film, batteries, memory cards, and charge EVERYTHING two days before Christmas Eve.  You don't want to miss a thing, about them finding out you hunted down the whole state for a Wii.


CC said...

thanks! and please send this to me again in a couple of years!!!

Nancy M. said...

Very funny list! But also stuff I need to remember.

Shannon said...

It comes from 11 and a half years of experience.

Shannon said...

Look at the widget people!!!! It was HOT today, it felt awesome outside!

Elizabeth said...

Good tips! Thanks for the reminders. I need to do some assembly! (Ahem... Daddy needs to do some assembly!!!)

Amanda said...

All god tips. And the assembly is exactly why we leave beer and cookies for Santa at our house.

twin power mommy said...

That list cracked me up.

I am still learning every year some of those things...