Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night we took the boys out to trick-or-treat.  As usual, we only went to eight houses and have enough candy to get us through Easter 2009.   
S and G were pirates, Levi was a Zombie, and Wyatt (inspired by Thursday's events) was a Bank Robber.  
We had the speech about not going inside of the houses, but when we got to Roger's house he told them to "come on in".  And every house after that they went inside (Tim's, Margaret's, and Jason's).  The good thing about driving out to see Jason and Angie (oh, who am I kidding, we went to see the baby, lol) was that we pass a Pizza Hut.  So we had a great supper when we finally got back home.   We rounded off the evening by stopping at Blake's house and let the kids run around.  It was pretty loud with the echoing and four sets of crazy feet hyped up on sugar that they had snuck to eat on the ride home.  Finally, after we had eaten, S was having a meltdown.  "Wash off your beard, brush your teeth and get in the bed", I demanded.  How often does one get to say something like that to their five year old?  Happy Halloween!


Bella said...

They look, I love little boys and their transformation on Halloween!

Rockin' it up said...

oh man! W's hair is AWESOME! He looks so good! The other boys do too--love L's face paint!

Grandma Debra said...

Boy, you all look so good! Wyatt looks like a real pro! Levi looks like he could scare you to death! The twins look just real priates!
You did such a great job, Shannon!

I remember how much fun this use to be, to dress the boys up! Miss those days!


"B" said...

Oh my goodness, everyone's costumes look so great!!

twin power mommy said...

They all look so great!
Alot of work went into those goodness.

I really like the pirates. Very cool!

I chuckled at the wash your beard off and brush your teeth. That's funny!

Carolina Mama said...

What a blast! The kids look so cute and are having a ball.

Heather's World said...

They are too cute! :-) The buddies look so much like Clay in these pics!