Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Party

Friday the buddies had their Fall party at preschool.  Mrs. Reagan asked G what he was going to be.  He said a pirate.  Then she asked him what S was going to be.  He said, " A pirate.... we live at the same house, you know."
They had games and a hay ride.  We made two laps around the church and the cemetery.  One little boy told me he hoped he didn't get scared, lol.
Who can have a party without chicken nuggets?  They each had nuggets, carrots and dip, cheese cubes, goldfish, and cookies.  Guess what they all ate first?  Yes, it was the cookies.
They got huge treat bags.  There were so many treats that each child had them loaded into a brown Food Lion bag.  They received glow sticks, candy, stickers, candy, pencils, candy, notepads, and did I mention candy?
I told the buddies that we didn't need to go trick-or-treating since they received so much candy from preschool.  They didn't see the humor, to say the least.  Then I said that I was just kidding.  S replied, " MAMA, that wasn't funny, you SCARED me!"


Cliff said...

I'm caught up. Stop scaring those kiddies Mom. Trick or Treating is serious business.
I'm glad the bank robber didn't invade the school building.
I liked your post on chemical company calls. I can't seem to hang up until they have gone thru their first little speal. Then they say "If you will take a few minutes to complete this I will send you a $20 bill." Then you say "No but I'll do it for $100." Never works.
Also, you know it's time to trade the combine when a fifty something mechanic says, "Man, I've never had to replace one of these before." Happens to me often.

BE said...

Too cute! Our kiddos can home with huge treat bags for every occasion- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it and they were getting treats. It's almost like the parents compete to see who can send the "best", "fullest" or "most expensive" treat bags in. We usually sent something in, but tried not to send candy- I was more of a pencil and stickers type parent!

Loved all the costumes too!

Amanda said...

Oh that's a classic! LOL That's something I'd tell my kids, but then I'd miss out on the candy too LOL.

Elizabeth said...


I left you a little something on my blog. :)

twin power mommy said...

We told the girls they weren't going to go trickortreating this year because they didn't need the candy.

They know us too well, cause they said we were just teasing them!