Friday, October 31, 2008

Times They Are A Changing

Conversation with Wyatt yesterday afternoon.
Me- How was your day?
W- Good.  We went into lock down today. (nonchalantly) 
Me- Drill or real?  
W- Oh, it was a real one.
Me- Why? (wondering why the school hadn't called yet)
W- Someone robbed a bank.
Me- What, when?
W- We were in the lunch room, and the principal came on the intercom and said that the school was in lock down, and this is NOT a drill.  
Me- Did you get to finish eating your lunch?
W- Yeah.  But they closed all the blinds and the lunch lady ran around locking the doors.  Why did they close the blinds?
Me- They don't want anyone to know there are kids in there.
W- Oh.  Well we ate and then walked to the room and locked the door.  
Me- How long were y'all in lock down?
W- Thirty minutes.  Then he came back on the intercom and said we could go to recess.  And everyone cheered.

If school would have had lock downs when I was little, we would have freaked out.  Then again, the town I grew up in doesn't even have a bank. lol. 


"B" said...

My school had a lockdown last semester, I wasn't there but my friends were and I completely freaked out. They don't really give you any information during the lockdown and it really scared me. Wyatt was a lot braver than me lol.

BE said...

We didn't have "lockdowns", but there were several bomb threats one year. We always had to go outside for hours, until it was confirmed that there were no bombs. One time, we (the whole school) were taken across the road to a little old church and we sat in the pews and sang hymns for a long time. I'm sure they wouldn't be allowed to do that now.

Shannon said...

It wasn't his first one. I guess he is used to it now.

Rockin' it up said...

we had a lockdown at the high school and the kids complained about sitting in the corner away from all the windows. We drew the blinds too and covered the window in the door. It only lasted for a bout half an hour to 45 mins though.

Elizabeth said...

Katie had her first "intruder drill" about a week or 10 days ago. Now they have tornado drills, fire drills, and intruder drills. Ugh.

Fantastagirl said...

Wow - he just seems all calm... it's weird what are kids are growing up with, what they think is "normal"... scary, very scary.

Amanda said...

We had lockdowns, but it was usually because of a student who had violent outbursts. I remember a couple times they had to call the police in to restrain her. If we were in the cafeteria during such an incident they moved us into the auditorium next door since it was more closed in.

The thing I really remember about school as far as drills n such is the tornado drills. We don't get them often, but they do happen in PA. My son has never had a tornado drill. Makes me cringe.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, there's been a bank in Richfield for years, but you're right, no bank in New London. Remember that the only bank robbery in Richfield, there were shots exchanged between M.G. who owned the Exxon station next to the bank and the bank robbers. My mom, your grandmom, was getting gas in her car at the Exxon at the time and was shot in the head. The shot just grazed the side of her head, but she had to go to the ER. Excitement in Richfield!

Marel Lecone said...

I had never heard of lockdowns before. It does sound a little scary. Sounds like your little guy was very brave.