Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Linville Caverns

After Grandfather Mountain, we drove on to Linville to eat a late lunch at Famous Louise's Restaurant.  It was 2:00.  I highly recommend not making the male species wait so long to eat.  They were getting grouchy.  After lunch we drove over to the Linville Caverns.  
It is so nice in the caves because they stay a constant temperature all year around.  It was fifty-something degrees in there, which was extremely nice after what we had endured on the swinging bridge.
Here we have a bat in hibernation on the cave roof.  Creepy, yes, but the tour guide promised that the little guy wasn't going anywhere.  He said in the next few weeks, hundreds of them will be in there.
He had cute names for all of the formations that he showed us.  The kids did really well not touching the walls.  They ask you not to because our salt defers the natural formations of the cave.
When he turned out the lights, the boys were all brave in the complete and total darkness.  You can't even see your hand in front of your face.  There are only two places in the world where you can experience complete darkness. The deepest part of the ocean and in this cave.  We were told about the two men whose lantern went out and finally, two days later found their way out by following the water flowing downstream.
They only suffered minor cuts and bruises, although, the guy whose fault it was for dropping the lantern had two black eyes and a broken nose.  Yep, I told you the guy was funny!
This one had no name.  It was simply... cave snot.
This was an area where you are standing over water that is over 200 feet deep.  They have never had anything touch the bottom.  Also, it is okay to touch the walls here.


Cliff said...

Hi Shannon,
Nice to see your husband in all of the trip pics. I know a lot of knothead farmers who wouldn't think of going with the family anywhere. They would be pretty boring people to live with I would think.
Caves give me the willies. So does Micheal Jackson.

Shannon said...

Cliff, yes it was nice to have him along. We are in between corn and bean harvest, so it was thus week-end or never. We took advantage of his few days of rest, lol.

Leigh said...

i LOVE the John Deer sweatshirts. Too cute! All the boys' smiles are great--I'm glad they had such a good time! Which buddy has the scar again--is it G? I'm trying my best to tell them apart here--I feel like a terrible aunt :(.

dave said...

That is really neat! When are we going to see you in some of the pictures, huh? lol

"B" said...

I posted the comment that says "Dave"- I forgot Dad had used my computer last night =]

Shannon said...

Yes G has the scar. We got the sweatshirts last year at the farm show in Georgia. They finally grew into them.

Bella said...

I love those caverns...when my boys were smaller we (I) took them on an can spend the night in some of them...geez, I didn't know how claustrophobic I was until I had to climb thru walls and 2-foot wide tunnels and sleep in a smothering cavern! It was fun and the boys still talk about how I did it with them and their dad DID NOT! I'm such a man...and we were muddy from head to toe (for a week)! You need to look into doing that...LOL.

Carolina Mama said...

I do love all of their JOhn Deere Gear! It resonates when you say 'they finally grew into them' and then you just wonder how did they get so big.

Hey Great NEWS!! :) You won my Giveaway!! Isn't that cool! I let chose it too so I didn't just pick you because I like you. :)

It is my first giveaway winner that I have already "known." :)

Enjoy the Santa Plate ! Do you want to email me and let me know where to have it sent?

You can get my email on my profile page. :)

Fantastagirl said...

That is just an awesome place! Looks like a great time - and I'm so glad your hubby likes to do things as the family the kids will remember this for ever!

(My dad didn't ever take the time to go on adventures with us, I wish he had!)