Thursday, October 2, 2008

Farm Pics

The hubs keeps leaving his camera in the combine, so I haven't had any pictures to post.  These are some of the soybeans at the Eudy Place.
Corn harvesting.  
Shelling the corn that got completely flooded in the bottoms.  Oldenburg was covered in the dust cloud for quite some time.  
The new addition, a larger dump trailer.  Loaded and ready to roll.
I love shots like this one.  These are the dump-trucks getting serviced at our shop.  


Cliff said...

I'm always a little curious, your season is little wierd compared to the midwest. Our corn is still about 1/3 green but our beans are dried. We've been at it about 2 + days and have about 160 acres out.
About the new trailer. I think they could get another bushel on there if they tried. :)

BE said...

Neat pics. I also like the soccer shots of W.

Shannon said...

Cliff, left a comment on your blog about the crops. Check it out and get back to me.

Cliff said...

Yes, folks in this area plant mostly late 2's to late 3's. There were a lot of replants into wet areas and they are still green but for the most part the beans are all ready.
We have eight bins with fans and burners but we haven't used the burner part for at least ten years. As of late our corn has been getting to #2 status in the field. This year might be a problem. We sprayed everything for rust and bugs and it's all staying green a lot longer. I'm not too thrilled about thinking of buying propane and firing up aged heaters.

Fantastagirl said...

Driving to a meeting today I saw several farmers taking out beans, and like cliff I noticed the corn is still pretty green.

Have a safe harvest season!

Anonymous said...

We're going to Smith Mtn. Lake this weekend, but Bethany and David will be home and at church on Sunday. They hope to see you there. You can get us on Dave's cell.
Love, Mom

twin power mommy said...

All of that terminology is foreign to me.
To see such fields of nothing but crops is so amazing.
My dad grew up in Kansas and always told us stories of how there would be corn fields for as far as the eye could see.
He said it was super cool!

I bet it's alot of work, though!
How involved are you in the day to day running of a farm (as a busy wife and mother)? Or should i rather say, describe your typical day...