Friday, October 3, 2008

Preschool Fun

Monday was Red Day.  The only clean red shirts we had were long sleeved ones.  When the buddies got home, I had them model the Johnny Appleseed hats.  It is amazing what they remember now.  They both told me different facts about him, and that he wore the pot as a hat with his Bible in it, to keep it safe and dry.  
Last week a bee keeper came to school to teach them about bees and honey.  Wednesday a doctor came to talk to them.  Everyone got a stethoscope, mask, gloves, and a medicine cup.
The stethoscope actually works, and they got a laugh out of using on everyone.  
How freaked would you be if you saw a little kid walking around Food Lion with one of these masks on?  It almost makes me want to do it!


CC said...

Are they in the same class? How can the teacher possibly tell them apart? So cute!

BE said...

What a fun week at preschool! Super cute pics!

Carolina Mama said...

What a fun preschool! THey are so adorable. These are great.

Leigh said...

love the apples seed hats. Have they busted each other's ear drums with the stethoscopes yet?

Shannon said...

They have different shoes. G wears orange ones and S wears blue ones. But the teachers can already tell them apart.

Fantastagirl said...

I think you should let them wear the masks to the store - would be interesting.

Such cute pictures.

twin power mommy said...

That's kinda cool!
Those are some really neat ideas to stimulate their little minds.
My girls would LOVE, LOVE the doctors stuff.