Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Conversation yesterday after school.
Me-Do you have any other homework I need to know about?
L-Nope.  Just reading log, and Math, and finish that pamphlet we made over the week-end.
Me-Are you sure?
L-No, wait.
L-I have a paper due on Wednesday about a mythical creature.
Me-Which mythical creature?
L-I'm not sure.
Me- What do you mean, you're not sure!
L-Well, Mrs. Clay had a poster of ten mythical creatures and we were supposed to pick one and write about it.
Me-Let me see your list.
L-I didn't write them down.
Me-You. Didn't. Write. Them. Down.
L-No.  But it started with an "S".
Me-That really narrows it down.
L-S...K... something.
L-I'll call Meredith.
(disappears for a few seconds)
L-She didn't write them down either, just Medusa.
Me-Oh, so helpful.  Let's google it.
L-It is GREEK mythological creatures.  It is a woman's head with a lions body and wings.  
(after searching with no results I click on the images)
L-THERE it is.  THAT'S IT!  
Me-Sphinx?  I thought you said it was S, K, something.
L-S.... K....P.... they all look the same.
Me-You are going to be the death of me.  You know that, right?


twin power mommy said...

You seem like you are pretty patient with your kiddos!
I think i would have had some intense words with mine.
I struggle with wanting to make sure everything is done correctly for my kids and stepping back and letting them make the mistakes on their own.

It's a tough fine line...
you did good, though! ;0)

La Familia Garcia said...

Oh wow, this is soo typical in our house...oh yeah I do have something big due tomorrow! The joys of parenthood!

Rockin' it up said...

fun stuff--he needs an organizer. Did none of that mass organizing of your rub off on L? :)

BE said...

Ack! I am not looking forward to 6th grade. I can so see B doing that. At least we have the internet on our side, what did our moms do? I guess pull out the trusty encyclopedias?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we did pull out the trusty encyclopedias. And Shaun was notorious for that! Except that his was that he had no homework, except for a paper on each of the planets that had to be two pages each and was due the next day! It had to be handwritten in pen with no mistakes. He got to the end of a page, made a mistake, tried to erase the pen marks and rubbed a hole in the paper. He cried, I cried, and I've hated planets ever since. Good luck with Bailey. Hopefully she inherited her mother's organization skills. Oh, and Shannon was the opposite. If she had a paper due in two weeks, she did it the first night.

Flip Flop Momma said...

sounds like my kids...

Carolina Mama said...

Love it! What a riot! ANd we are truly Southern, grew up with that death of me one too. ;) Except for our boys broke out crying the first time, they didn't know what it meant. Did ya'll go through that!?

Love the Teddy Bear day!