Monday, September 29, 2008

Teddy Bear Day

Last week the buddies had "teddy bear day" at school.  They got to choose a bear to take along, and had a teddy bear picnic outside with all of them.  They were learning "B says b, b, b, BEAR".
Preschool seems like what kindergarten USED to be.  They eat allot of food related to their lessons, and cook things.  Two weeks ago they had different kinds of apples in honor of the sound "a, a, a, choo" for the letter A.  Friday, was Johnny Appleseed's birthday, and they made and ate apple pie.  I'll try to get a pic of the hats they made that look like pots.  They were too cute!  


Heather's World said...

Awe! Look at their bears! Too cute! It does seem like the grades are become more advanced every year, doesn't it?

BE said...

Cute pics! Yep, preschool is full of fun activities. My kids didn't have many food related lessons in kindergarten, but they did in preschool. Every Tuesday was "cooking" day and they made something- from sandwiches to cookies to pie! I think it is a great way for little ones to learn.

Rockin' it up said...

Adorable!!! I'm sure soon enough they'll be doing multiplication tables in kindergarden--ridiculous!