Sunday, September 28, 2008

Party Time, Excellent

Yesterday we celebrated the birthdays of Adam and Alex, some twin friends of ours.  They turned four last week.  As you can see, the party was at McDonalds in the play area.  The kids all had a blast!
Here we are singing "Happy Birthday" to the guests of honor.  They are trying not to make eye contact with anyone around them.
Blue and red Cars cupcakes were enjoyed by all.  The birthday crew sported some funny lips.  
My boys and Andrew chowing down.  (W was at another birthday party at the Mills).  
The play area was the highlight of the morning.  (I really do fix my kids hair.... the static on the slide made it pop right back out)  Thanks Brandi for such a great time!


Fantastagirl said...

Happy Birthday to your little friends! Everyone looks like they had a great time!

twin power mommy said...

Looks like a room full of!
I bet the noise level was high. That many boys in one room would send a mama like me running the other way! :D LOL
Have a great week!

Shannon said...

Yeah, it was pretty loud! I did feel sorry for the random people who came to eat there yesterday.