Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Supply Lists

This is for my sister-in-law who likes to see other supply lists.  Here we go Brandy, lol.

Fourth Grade
#2 Pencils
Wide ruled loose leaf paper
Box of colored pencils
Box of 24 crayons
Large glue stick
1-1 1/2 inch three ring binder
2-plastic 2 pocket folders
1-one subject notebook- 70 pages
1-composition book
Dictionary- for home use
Calculator- for home use
2 Kleenex boxes
Hand sanitizer
Lysol or Clorox wipes
Sandwich, quart, or gallon size baggies
Book bag with no wheels
pencil pouch

Teachers wish list-
Paper towels
Board games
Index cards
Playground equipment
Ziplock bags
Copy Paper

Sixth Grade
Students do not need to purchase locks for their lockers.
1 three ring binder- 3 inch minimum
tab dividers- one for each subject
Loose leaf paper- several reams
#2 Pencils- year supply
4 single subject spiral notebooks
pencil pouch
12 pack colored pencils
For their cultural arts rotation- 1 three ring binder, 4 dividers, and loose leaf paper.
Blue or black ball point pens
Hand Sanitizer
2 boxes Kleenex
Lysol or Clorox wipes
Ziplock Bags

Students will need the following at home supplies- 
Glue sticks
Colored Pencils

Gel-ink pens
white out
mechanical pencils
Rolling backpacks

Donations Appreciated:
Paper towels
Boxes of pencils
Origami Paper
Wet Ones
Old Magazines
Clorox Towelettes

P.E. Uniforms:
$15.00 old style
$20.00 new style
Students MUST dress out in their P.E. uniforms to stay on Gold Level.

Whew, I'm tired from typing all of this, lol.  That is what they carried to school yesterday morning.  Through-out the year more will be asked for.  We are STILL trying to figure out why Wyatt didn't need Expo markers.  They have always needed those, since the first grade.  (and their own eraser)


Carolina Mama said...

Love the list. OK, you have four boys, two twins and the older two chose the same clothes too! :) So funny, I was over to tell you I did a shout out to you looking for answers on the 'sameness' thing. Funny, your guys dressing alike.

How was that first day? We start the 2nd. Stay tuned.

Shannon said...

Yeah, NORMALLY one would have changed before they walked out the door. Maybe since they are at different schools this year it wasn't a big deal. It was really funny!

angie said...

My second graders list is similar to your fourth grade list, but it has like triple the supplies including pastels, special art erasers and a sketch book. My first grader has a full page list too, including 18 glue sticks. It costs me $50 per child in supplies at the beginning of each year.

BE said...

All right your list list is a bit longer, okay, a lot longer. I think if I had long supply lists, the shopping would turn into a chore and not be fun. Yikes.