Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rained Out

*****update below
Well, after having NO RAIN for weeks and weeks, it finally rained. (eight inches so far)  Only, it has rained so hard, for so long, that school has been cancelled for the day.  Because school was cancelled, preschool open house was cancelled.  The day just went to "you know where" in a hand-basket.  You know how when your kids were little you could just sneak into their rooms and turn off their alarms, and they would sleep until 9?  Not any more!  They both had a heart attack, and thought they had over-slept and missed the bus.  Long story short, EVERYONE was up by 7:20.  So much for sleeping late.  Yesterday, Levi brought home another supply list.   This one was for science class.  Seems he needs another binder, more paper, colored pencils, pens, and a marble composition book.  Oh, and he is upset that we didn't send money for his P.E. uniform on Monday.  Some kids brought it in and already received uniforms.  "How was I supposed to know this?" I asked him.  He shrugged his shoulders.  "They must have older brothers and sisters," I added, to another shoulder shrug.  I see we have entered a new phase.  This one is called "no-matter-what-happens-in-the-kids-day-life-whatever-it-is-somehow-it-is-your-fault".   Yesterday I ordered both boys a new backpack from Land's End.  Neither of the ones I bought at the end of the school year are working.  I got the Classmate ones.  Hopefully, they will be large enough.  Wyatt wanted his name on his, but as you can imagine, Levi did not, lol.  

Oh, and family?  I ordered a new wagon for the beach house.  It is coming directly from Little  So... if anyone was looking for one, thanks, but you can stop searching.  Apparently wagons are seasonal items and the one like we had, is hard to come by.  It will be here in one to two weeks.  Sorry for the inconvenience if you are/were planning on using it before then.  I can only hope that whomever stole it, rots you know where, lol.

update:  Bowman Barrier bridge is flooded, Mt. Pleasant Rd. bridge is flooded, corn in the bottoms is flooded, Miami Church is almost flooded, Barrier Store bridge is almost flooded, second band of rain just hit.  Looks like we aren't going anywhere today!


Rockin' it up said...

there were roads that flooded out on Monday here and it's still raining. The boys aren't working today because all their work is outside work, so I think everyone is hitting the rivers to go kayaking. Should be interesting if nothing else!

BE said...

We still had school as usual. It's not raining at the moment, but I sure it will back to raining again soon. We really our LE backpacks, we have the classmate jr's, but they are just the right size for my 2, so hopefully the bigger ones will work out for your boys. They have held up well too.

Shannon said...

Yeah, they each had one a few years ago that has been discontinued. Both packs lasted for almost three years. Definitely worth the money. I was going to run errands a few hours earlier, only to find out that there is too much water on the roads around here.

Carolina Mama said...

Hope you all hang in there with the flooding - it is something else.

We're getting a lot of the rainy storms but not flooding.

Oh now, the backpacks, didn't think to ask. I ordered the boys backpacks this summer on sale... not sure right now the name. Hope they work out. I ended up getting them the same color with their monogram because the other color was princess pink.

I just wanted the monogram on so I didn't ask them this time. Will let you know.

Not another supply list. yikes....

Stay safe!

Marel Lecone said...

I was just at CVS today--since when did those marble notebooks get to be $2.19?!?!? And, that was the sale price! Remember the old days when they were way under 99 cents? [sigh] And, wow--that's alot of rain. Hang in there. School starts for us next week. Can't believe the summer is over! Talk to you later.

Fantastagirl said...

I hope you are staying dry.... oh the crops. (Sorry farmer's daughter showing up.)

We are in the rolling-our-eyes phase for the 3rd grader - with mumbles words, when I request a verbal answer. Where do they get this stuff from?

angie said...

That's a lot of rain.......and lots of flooding. Hoping you all remain safe!