Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day

Today was to first day of school for us.  Here is Wyatt, waiting on his toaster strudel to get ready.
Here is Levi, getting ready to go outside and wait for the bus.  As you can see, they chose similar outfits.  I think they were too sleepy to notice, lol.
This is the first year Wyatt has ridden the bus without Levi.  It was weird seeing them waiting at opposite ends of the drive-way.
So now we wait.  Wait until 4:00 to see how the first day was.  


dave said...

Go notes, honey. It reminds me of your younger school days and you and Shaun waiting for the bus and all your antics that occurred.


twin power mommy said...

I noticed they dressed alike before i read your caption.
It made me take a "double take" at the pics to be sure it wasn't the same boy.
Hope they had a good first day!

The Ballinger Family said...

Good looking boys! I hope they had a great day!

Kelsey said...

I hope their first day went well!

"B" said...

Hopefully they came home with good news about the first day!