Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flooding Pics

Bowman Barrier-  there is a bridge down there somewhere.  Can you see the corn?
Miami Church-  Again, over there around those telephone poles is another bridge somewhere.  See the soybeans?
These people are on the opposite side of Teeter Bottoms.  They have been trying to get their pond full for several years now.
While Mike and Landon were there yesterday, the creek crested the hill and filled the pond level in about five seconds.
Our county has been declared a state of emergency, and the Governor is coming to view the damage today.  They are going to attempt running the buses, but they will run around thirty minutes late trying to get around all of the bridges in our area.


BE said...

WOW! We haven't had flooding like that. It's amazing how quickly it rise to cover the road.
- I like the new blog design, I always have such a hard time deciding which one to pick.

The Ballinger Family said...

Oh Know.....that is terrible! Sending prayers your way. Like the new design-cute!

Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness that is so much water! Prayers being sent!

Love your new blog design!

farmersdaughter4ever said...'s been raining here, but not like that! y'all be careful! :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed having all the grandkids here last Sunday. Tell Levi and Wyatt that I'm praying they'll have a very good year at school. It is amazing looking at the water and how fast it rose. God's power is very visible in the storms.
Love, Mom

Fantastagirl said...

Love the new layout...

Keeping your family in our thoughts. Pictures are just, well the water is a very powerful force.