Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Beach Fun

While we were at the beach we took Leigh and Dave to the Marina for some awesome seafood.  I couldn't get Dave to order grits though.  Man.... the Irish are stubborn, lol.
After we had all stuffed ourselves, we traveled on to the arcade.  It is a mini-Vegas in that place.  The kids get cups to carry their tokens around in.  G got his cup, ran over to this game, pulled up a stool and went to town.  It was hilarious! 
Then we crossed the street for some ice cream and Karaoke at the Leaky Tiki.  Where else can one eat ice cream and enjoy hearing a three year old and her dad rock it out, while sitting in rocking chairs?
Hear are my "little" sis and her hubs.  Yes, they are both naturally curly headed.  Yes, it is disgusting, lol.  At the beach my hair gets straighter and straighter, hers just stays the same.  Oh, I am also the shortest one of the siblings.  I don't know what is up with that either.  :) 
We did finally get to go inside the Southport Jail.  It was really a nice tour.  If you get the chance to go, it is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The kids had a blast in there.  The hubs asked G where the potty was.  After looking around he nudged the pot in the cell with a questioning face.  "Yep, that IS the potty", replied the hubs.  "I don't LIKE that potty", said G.  Then I suggest you stay out of trouble, son.  ;)


dave said...

I've been by the Leaky Teaky, and I've been with Bethany & David to get Ice Cream at the shoppe in the picture, I believe; where is the arcade... & where is the jail. These are good pictures for good memories.



Shannon said...

The arcade is right beside the Jungle Golf across the street from Leaky Tiki. The jail is about a block over from the cemetary. Last time we walked to it after the farmers market. It is across the street from the old building that says Shell Shop.

angie said...

Cutest little jail birds ever!

Kelsey said...

What a blast! I love the jail comment too funny!

Shannon said...

To my family.... I know how to spell Teaky. The ice cream shop spells it "Tiki".